• Sign Our Petition to save Idaho Historical Racing

    After being authorized only two years ago, Historical Horse Racing is in serious jeopardy. Below are the economic benefits our new facility have brought to our local community…

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    Imagine the impact after six years, or six decades. We may never see the true impact! This affects everyone…. Idaho schools & teachers, equine industry, agricultural industry and the whole Idaho State economy through jobs and taxes.
    Despite the accusations by some…this technology is the same technology that was passed 2 years ago. 40 of the “EXACT” same terminals that were seen in the original hearing and tested by the Idaho Attorney General are currently located in Double Down, the other terminals are simply updated versions. The equivalent of the iphone 5 vs the iphone 6!
    Please sign this petition and ask your State Senator & The House State of Affairs committee to wake up and see the true benefits this industry has to offer.
    Idaho wins with Historical Racing!


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