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    i support idaho historical racing

    March 26, 2015 – A sad day for Idaho.. we’re speechless and extremely disappointed based on the mountain of testimony provided in the debate and the fact that the body did not follow rule 18 escapes us.

    It appears that minds were made up reguardless of accurate testimony of even the accountability of following their own procedures. The significant consequences this repeal could cause are far reaching and devastating to jobs, families & businesses. Today’s vote was another example of due process ignored and denied.

    The fate of an entire industry, hundreds of jobs and the devastating consequences of this repeal now rest solely in the hands of our Governor.

    Please let him and the Lt. Gov hear you!

    Gov. Butch Otter – governor@gov.idaho.gov
    Lt. Gov. Brad Little – info@lgo.idaho.gov

    Dont Repeal Idaho Historical Racing!

    Please help us fight for what is right & sigh our petition.

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